What competition?

When its time to get ahead in training, make it about Ego. Boost your training experience with RDXs Ego Series built for high-intensity performance. Who needs authentic leather when we have Maya Hide. Stubbornly durable synthetic leather shields the technologically ripe, shock-absorbent center of these handcrafted gloves. Compressed triple padding is lined with Shell Shock gel integration over a hand-made mold, dispersing aggressively charged molecules upon impact for maxhand protection. Efficiently designed Hook and Loop Cuff stabilizes the wrists, reducing slip wrist which translates to Blast em at will.

Last but not least the very design of these gloves, its quality and durability for its pricing is nothing short of a thing of beauty. With gloves like these, we have no rivals in the market heck we are looking for competition.

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1. Polygonal Fusion FOAM

Machine-made interior polygonal curvature mold aligns itself in between the padding for heavy shock absorption

2. Max-Shock Equilibrium FOAM

Technologically advanced Equilibrium Sheet absorbs the blunt of impact, distributing force equally across the product

3. Spongy Blacktop FABRIC

Blacktop Laminated Fabric adds durability and compliments spongy foam sheet

4. Calibrated Impact Diffusion SHEET

Multiple layers of foam with gel in-lining serves as added shock-absorber

5. Infused Shock Dispersion SHEET

Advanced line of defense against shock-impact helps dissipate and disperse force equally

6. SpongeX PADDING

Provides added resistance when met with high-intensity force

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