RDX 1P 20cm Aerobic Step Platform with 3 Level Risers 5cm Height Each

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Without a doubt, working out at the same place every day is dull and boring. With the RDX aerobic step, you can work out anywhere anytime. Rugged construction with an anti-slip platform for shock absorption, cardio, toning and strength training. 27.5cm wide and 80.5cm long, anti-slip surface of exercise stepper for home gym enhances safety and adds to greater focus on positioning. Improve coordination, agility and muscular strength with adjustable height of 3 levels, from 10'' to 15'' to 20''cm. Aerobic step platform is portable, convenient and easy to assemble/disassemble. Made of top-quality anti-burst sturdy polypropylene material for extra durability which is covered in high grade gripping rubber to enhance stability and balance. Aerobic adjust stepper weighs 3.5kg & weight-bearing capacity of 350kg, lightweight step board comes with detailed workout guide to ensure you train properly even when you're away from the home gym. Our Fitness workout stepper is available in black, blue, pink and green colors.

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Improve coordination, agility and muscular strength with adjustable height of 3 levels, from 10'' to 15'' to 20''cm, suitable for beginners, intermediate and professional athletes. Adjustable weight bench comes with a detailed workout guide so you can get the physique of your choice with ease at home gym. You can easily alter the intensity of your workout by adjusting the height of the stepper according to your choice.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING - our aerobic stepper for home gym is made to take the impact of even the most grueling workouts. With the weight-bearing capacity of 350kg, this exercise bench can easily absorb the shock and prevents you from sliding or slipping so you can easily improve your positioning.
  • NON-SKID SURFACE - From legs, bum, core, arms and shoulders, workout your whole body using step machine. Made of top-quality anti-burst sturdy polypropylene material for extra durability which is covered in high grade gripping rubber to enhance stability and balance. The grooved, non-slip surface provides the perfect grip for your feet. This top of the line feature of gym step increases your focus and allows you to perform a whole range of exercises without any hassle at-home gym.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - Perfectly synced parts of our step gym equipment are easy to put together, more so with the assembly manual provided with the stepping board. Aerobic step platform is portable, convenient and tailor-made for home gym.
  • WIDER STEPPING SPACE - To give you greater freedom to perform workouts for beginners, intermediate and professionals, our adjustable step platform comes with a maximum length of 80.5 cm and width of 27.5 cm. This wider stepping area helps you focus, attain stability and perform a wider range of exercises at home gym using gym setup box.
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Color: Black

Pump Up the Intensity

Are you tired of the same old boring workout routine?
Well, it's time to spice things up and bring some excitement into your fitness
game! The RDX 1P 20CM Aerobic Step Platform with three level risers is here to
help you break free from the monotony and customize your workout intensity
according to your fitness level and personal preference. No more following a
predetermined path to fitness - it's time to choose your own adventure and set
your own pace!

Mix It Up: Endless Exercise Options

The RDX 1P 20CM Aerobic Step Platform isn't just any
ordinary fitness equipment - it's a versatile powerhouse that allows you to
unleash your creativity and take your workouts to the next level. Whether
you're looking to boost your cardiovascular endurance, tone your muscles, or build
strength, this platform's multifunctional design offers a plethora of options
to choose from. With endless possibilities at your fingertips, you can mix and
match exercises to target different muscle groups and keep things fresh and
exciting. You'll never get bored or hit a plateau.

Take Your Workout Anywhere

Take your workout anywhere with the RDX Aerobic Step
Platform. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, whether
you're working out at home or on-the-go. Keep one in your office and use it in
breaks. You'll never have to sacrifice your fitness routine again.

Durable Design, Lasting Results

The RDX Aerobic Step Platform is a finely crafted
fitness accessory that's built to last. Its robust construction ensures that it
can handle even the most complex and bursty workout routines, providing you
with the stability and support you need to push yourself to the limit. With the
RDX Aerobic Step Platform, you can say goodbye to worries about potential
platform failures, allowing you to focus entirely on your exercise.
Additionally, the platform's comfortable design ensures that you remain steady
throughout your workout, no matter how intense it gets.

Ultimate Fitness Solution

Looking for a workout that targets your entire body,
from your legs and bum to your core, arms, and shoulders? Look no further than
the step machine! The RDX step machine is made of top-quality, anti-burst
polypropylene material that's built to last, ensuring extra durability even
during the most intense workouts. The high-grade gripping rubber coating
enhances stability and balance, leading to an awesome session of calories burn.

No Clutter, No Hassle

The platform's space-saving design makes it easy to
store, even in the smallest home gym or workout area. No need to clutter up
your space with bulky equipment, the RDX Aerobic Step Platform is a convenient
addition to any workout space.



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What our customers are saying

March 19, 2024

Excellent Customer service

Had a small issue with my order, staff responded immediately to my email to provide info and help with the issue. Received order a couple days later, excellent quality and fit. Will be ordering from them again.

Gabe C

Feb 28, 2024

Fast product replacement

When my MMA Shinguards developed a tear in training, they quickly sent me a new pair because their warranty covers any equipment that becomes damaged of its own failure. They were kind and thorough!

Rex Bingham

Mar 10, 2024

Sauna suit

I got the sauna suit and it is great quality. The customer service was great, they replied to my emails in rapid time and took it upon themselves to make me feel like a valued customer. Would highly recommend to anybody

james crossland

Mar 6, 2024

Superb company

Not only does this company go above and beyond with their customer service but their products are also very high quality at a reasonable price. They will be my first choice for fighting products going forward.

Simon Pickering

Mar 16, 2024

RDX not only has high quality

RDX not only has high quality, reasonably priced equipment but, also has exceptional personal customer service. Top quality brand we will always recommend in our gym.

Brody McCaulley

Mar 15, 2024

Top notch eqipment

High quality equipment at reasonable prices. Customer service is exemplary! Rdx are and will continue to be my preferred choice of equipment suppliers for myself and my boxing academy.


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